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Company Overview
  Successful companies today rely on technology to help manage and grow their businesses. You need to deliver maximum value to your business and customers via the use of the latest technology while keeping costs at a minimum. This is where Kinectit comes in.

Kinectit is a Internet Technology service provider, a faster and more efficient option for delivering and managing IT services including application development, website creation or modification, hosting, and equipment purchase/repair/deployment, network installation or modification and security services. Our services allow you and your staff to concentrate on your core business goals - the ones that generate revenue.

The benefits of outsourcing to Kinectit include the improvement of the quality of your technology services, the ability to keep up with changing technology and reduction of staffing and operational costs. Kinectit offers a wealth of technical expertise and years of experience in delivering the highest quality of outsourced IT services.

As a service provider, Kinectit offers a measurable return on investment in a market that demands accountability for each IT dollar spent. They will also transform steep capital expenditures into more manageable operating expenses, streamline IT operations, make networks more flexible and easily scalable, and add expertise to internal IT staff.

With Kinectit you'll be able to predict monthly IT costs with your Service Level Agreement, detailing what services Kinectit provides, guaranteed service/performance levels and the financial penalty Kinectit incurs if these service levels are not met.

Effective IT service management is built on integrating people, processes, and technology into a well-designed system based on best industry practices. Kinectit will take this concern out of your hands leaving you free to grow your business.

Company Overview
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