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  Our pricing is dynamically based on several components; please read below for details.

Home Users and Home Based Businesses (with 5 or fewer employees) - Generally when determining the cost of service in this segment only two questions need be asked:

» What is the issue?
» How urgent is the repair?

Initially a price quote will be generated, and with your acceptance a visit scheduled. Once on site, analysis will be performed and a final price generated (more often than not, the original price will persist, however the final cost will differ if additional work or hardware is needed).
Note: Payment is expected in full upon completion of said work through check or money order.

Small to Large Businesses (with 5 or more employees) - Though there are some situations where the above method of service will apply, we recommend against it due to the potential complexity of businesses in this segment. Under most circumstances pieces of your technology will depend on one another. This being the case we will first want to thoroughly understand how your systems are assembled.

Once contacted we will ask you many questions pertaining to your systems setup; These questions are in place to ensure that an arriving Engineer will not adversely effect your business through fault of inadequate information. Once a change to your system is recommended you will be required to sign a document stating that you understand the cause and effects and that they are acceptable. Once the work is complete you will again be asked to sign a statement of acceptance.

» Please note that this is not a release of liability on our part, it is an assurance that you fully understand what is being done on your systems and how your business will be effected.

Retainers or Contracts - For many businesses this is an option that should be seriously considered. Signing a term contract or placing us on retainer will allow your priority to be placed above all others. In addition you will be assigned an Engineer and a backup. This Engineer and backup will be responsible for your requests; Only during isolated circumstances will you ever see an unfamiliar face.

  • A "contract" is comprised of a written agreement stating that you (the business) agree that our services will be utilized for a specified term at a specified cost and that we (Kinectit) will provide an agreed level of service during said term.

  • A "retainer" is the highest level of support Kinectit has to offer; Your business will carry precedence over all others. To summarize; A term and fee will be agreed upon with the cost of the retainer being derived from your businesses growth expectations during said term and the potential services expected. Additionally, the retainer cost will cover 80% of all labor costs during said term (the remaining 20% is considered your discount).

This is a popular package because you (the business) no longer must concern yourself with the labor cost of performing a service; All labor is covered.

Generally the retainer fee is expected to be paid in full within 30 days of contract signing (under most circumstances equal payments over a 2 to 3 month period are acceptable).

Our Solutions Include:
HelpDesk Support
On-site IT Support
Systems Monitoring
WebSite Design
Software Development
Systems Design
Network Installation
Network Security
Disaster Recovery
Data Recovery

Cisco Certified Network Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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