System Design
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System Design
  With over 20 years in the computing arena, Kinectits‘ technical staff is qualified to design and implement a wide variety of solutions utilizing Microsoft, UNIX, LINIX, PICK/D3, just to name a few. We will setup your new system at your location and provide personal customer service that big manufacturers and retailers can't provide. We remain current in the technology field and will save you time and money by explaining any options that you might have.

System Scoping - Working with you, we review your business/service delivery requirements by factoring in key security and availability considerations.

System requirements review - We evaluate the following system components that will sit at the heart of your new infrastructure.

  • Network requirements analysis – analysis of bandwidth and caching issues.

  • Platform requirements analysis – review of platform choices: Microsoft, open source, etc.

  • Security requirements analysis – analysis of access points and weaknesses exposed by type of service.

  • Availability requirements analysis – capacity planning and load management exercise.

  • Scalability requirements analysis – analysis of future platform scenarios, in line with business expansion.

Budget scoping - We provide costing scenarios against those items highlighted at the ‘system requirements review’ stage.

System Recommendations and Delivery - Through the evaluation process, proposals are written and provided.

  • System architecture review – We provide a comprehensive system architecture proposal incorporating any necessary security, availability and/or scalability modules.

  • Network architecture review – We provide a comprehensive network architecture proposal, based on the ‘system scoping’ exercise and incorporating any necessary security, availability and/or scalability modules.

  • Build and delivery plan – We provide a complete build and delivery specification.

  • Implementation – We implement your new infrastructure.

System Design

Our Solutions Include:
HelpDesk Support
On-site IT Support
Systems Monitoring
WebSite Design
Software Development
Systems Design
Network Installation
Network Security
Disaster Recovery
Data Recovery

Cisco Certified Network Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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